Kevin (a.k.a. theewhitetiger) – A geek’s geek if you will. A lover of zombies, comic books, music, video games, etc…basically anything you’d call someone a nerd over, count him in! He currently resides in Honolulu, but definitely considers Denver home!

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Nick – A deep love for movies, television, baseball, and whiskey Nick has (said in a Yoda voice). He’s a true critic & funny man, always bring people laughter wherever he goes. Play any 90s jam and he’ll show you how it was meant to be danced to!

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Zach – Zach is a passionate musician, audio engineer, and bartending enthusiast. A native Coloradoan, Zach has built an extreme love for anything outdoors, and loves a good craft beer. Being the youngest of the group, he sometimes misses references to “older” TV shows and movies, and it makes for one hell of a laugh.

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