Music Monday – #14

Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve/Day! This year, make it a resolution to interact w/ us more! Either here, on FB, on twitter, or tumblr! And for any and all of our playlists we’ve put out in the past, you can check them out here! “Under My Skin” by Heartstreets… Read more »

Music Monday – #13

Happy Music Monday everyone! Welcome to Lucky #13! Lots of favorites on this playlist this time around, hope you feel the same! If you ever have any request, make sure to let us know (interact w/ us here, or on FB, twitter, or tumblr!) And for any and all of our playlists we’ve put out,… Read more »

Music Monday – #12

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! And for our non-American friends, hope your past week/weekend was equally fantastic! To start off this week on the right foot, here’s an hour of (possibly) “new music to you” for your ears to enjoy, Music Monday #12! “I’m Not The One” by The Black Keys “Are You Satisfied?”… Read more »

Music Monday – #11

It’s been a minute…but here are 53 musical minutes to make up for it! Please enjoy Music Monday #11…and for all songs that we’ve featured in our Music Mondays, check out the Master Playlist! “Afterglow” by Attom (ft. Ciele) “Powerful” by Major Lazer (ft. Ellie Goulding, Tarrus Riley) “Long Live the Chief” by Jidenna “Electric Church”… Read more »

Music Monday – #10

It’s been awhile, but I know you’ll be able to find it in your hearts to forgive us! And I know for most of the world Monday is over, but not here in Hawaii!!! “Idle Hands” by EXGF “Voices” (Radio Mix) by Go Wolf “Born Too Late” by Dent May “Harps” by Max and the… Read more »

Music & Mutants – Episode 8 – We’re Back!!!

The prodigal sons have returned! And after a year long lull between recording sessions, we’ve got a lot to talk about and share! This time around we talk about the different fictional places we’d like to visit, the time we partied with Natty Vibes in Vail for the GoPro Mountain Games last year, the popular… Read more »

Episode 8 Playlist – Music & Mutants has returned!!!

After almost a year of an unexpected & unannounced hiatus…Music & Mutants is back! And to celebrate, before we release the actual episode, we have the Spotify Playlist that goes with it to share! Make sure to subscribe to our Spotify to catch up on past playlist, or at least follow our Master Playlist to listen… Read more »

Music Monday – Master Playlist

Ever wanted all the Music Monday songs all on the same playlist? Well look no further, your wish has been granted! And from now on, anytime a Music Monday goes up, the songs will not only have their own playlist, but will also live here!

Music Monday – #9

Hope you’ve had a good Monday! Now that you’re here, you can decompress with this stellar set of musicians…Enjoi! “Get Me Golden” by Terraplane Sun  “Compound Fracture” by My Morning Jacket “Symphonies” by Dan Black & Kid Cudi “Synthesizers” by Butch Walker “Let ’em Say” by Lizzo & Caroline Smith “Make It Real” by BABE “Way Down… Read more »

Music Monday – #8

It has been TOO LONG! We here at TheeWhiteTiger Productions apologize profusely for being absent for the last few months! I could spend the next couple paragraphs giving excuses for why we haven’t been around, but that’s not gonna happen, instead we’re just going to pick up where we left off! Like that friend from… Read more »

  • Music Monday – #7 – STAR WARS EDITION

    With Star Wars Episode 7 coming out this week…it’s only fair we put together a Star Wars themed playlist! Some of these songs are absolutely ridiculous, a few even had me in tears, and some are actually pretty legit! But I do have to say, my new all-time favorite song, is the last song on… Read more »

  • Music & Mutants – Episode 7 – Special Edition

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…aka July…theewhitetiger was in Colorado with AcquaMan & SkypeLag (before he left the country for a 6 month trip to the desert)!!! And for the first time since starting the Music & Mutants endeavor, we were all able to be in the same physical space together!! Needless to… Read more »

  • Music Monday – #6

    Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! And of course, as always, we hope you have an awesome Monday…listening to music! “Ugly Faces” – Watsky … still one of my all time favorite music videos! “Random” – G-Eazy … this is the 2nd single, so check out the 1st single from G-Eazy’s sophomore album here! “Award… Read more »

  • Music Monday – #5

    Aloha from the desert…this week on Music Monday, we have a great playlist for you! Hopefully there’s a little bit of something for everyone…enjoy! “Good Times Roll” (feat. GRiZ) – Big Gigantic … free download available here! “Luxury” – Jon Bellion, Audra Mae … not only is he vocally talented, but he can direct his… Read more »

  • Music Monday – #4

    Welcome back to Music Monday! Week 4 will hopefully introduce you to some new music! Enjoi: “Violent Shiver” – Benjamin Booker … Feel good grungy blues rock & roll! “Shortie” – Hannah Georgas … living that thug unicorn life – in honour of my Canadian friends (don’t forget to vote!) “TenTwentyTen” – Generationals … one of… Read more »

  • Music Monday – #3

    In honor of my birthday (not colombus day…that dude was a jerk)…this week’s Music Monday is going to be all about feeling good, having fun, and dancing! Because these are a few of my favorite things! So I hope you enjoy, and at least tap you feet to a few of the songs and full… Read more »

  • Music Monday – #2

    Aloha! Welcome back to Music Monday! Hope you enjoyed last week’s playlist! This week, me from high school and college shows up quite a bit, but there’s nothing wrong with a little nostalgia right? So without further ado, Music Monday – Week 2: “Fiesta” (Remix) – Bomba Estéreo, Will Smith … wait, what?! The King… Read more »

  • Music Monday – #1

    Ah…Music Monday…feels good to be back; if you’re unaware this is something I used to do every Monday (sometimes Tuesday Tunes was a thing too) on my own private tumblr before the evil entity (aka the RIAA), flagged me for copyright infringement and had my tumblr terminated. 5yrs of hard internet work…poof…gone into the ether…. Read more »

  • Music Mondays are coming!

    Hi, Kevin here, and I’m currently deployed to the opposite side of the world to where Nick and Zach are! So, while the podcast is in a suspended state like Han Solo in carbonite, I thought it’d be fun to start up a new venture! That being, a weekly installment called:  Music Monday! Where TheeWhiteTiger Productions will… Read more »

  • Music & Mutants – Episode 6 – Chase Locke

    Guilty Pleasures…we all have them, what are yours?! This episode, the guys divulge their guilty pleasures via a fantastic Spotify Playlist! Along with guilty pleasure talk, lots and lots of superhero/superpower talk is abound in this episode as well, with mentions of Pokémon, and a very special guest introduction from our very own President of the… Read more »