Happy Music Monday everyone! Welcome to Lucky #13! Lots of favorites on this playlist this time around, hope you feel the same! If you ever have any request, make sure to let us know (interact w/ us here, or on FB, twitter, or tumblr!) And for any and all of our playlists we’ve put out, you can listen to them here! ENJOI!

  1. “I Don’t Even Care About You” by MISSIO
  2. “End of Summer” by Charles Goose
  3. “Beverly” by Allan Rayman
  4. “Unreal” by Melonia
  5. “Tulips” (Club Version) by Bloc Party
  6. “Retrograde” by Vincent
  7. “Unknown” by Ruen Brothers
  8. “Lord Have Mercy” by Ric Wilson
  9. “Champagne Champion” by Wes Period
  10. “Apollo” (Skylar Spence Remix) by Last Dinosaurs
  11. “My Universe” by Piers James
  12. “Like a Child” by Oketo
  13. “We’re on Fire” by Airplane Man
  14. “Welcome To Your Life” by GROUPLOVE
  15. “Creature Double Feature” by Mojave Nomads
  16. “Not Enough” by Demo Taped

Written by theewhitetiger