It has been TOO LONG! We here at TheeWhiteTiger Productions apologize profusely for being absent for the last few months! I could spend the next couple paragraphs giving excuses for why we haven’t been around, but that’s not gonna happen, instead we’re just going to pick up where we left off! Like that friend from high school or college that you haven’t seen in years, but when it’s time to hang out again, it’s like there was no time lost at all!

Also, we’re trying something new this time around…in past Music Mondays, there was a lot of commentary about the songs with hyperlinks all around. Well, things looked kind of cluttered. So from now on, it’ll be more about the music! But if you do wanna strike up a convo…leave us a comment below! Or hit us up on facebook, twitter, or tumblr!

  1. “Not Going Home” by Great Good Fine Ok
  2. “Fanfare” by Magic City Hippies
  3. “Hollow Life” by Coast Modern
  4. “Give Me Your Love” by Gateway Drugs
  5. “Brighton” by Swelo
  6. “Kisser” (Rii Remix) by Step Rockets
  7. “Dissolve” by Absofacto
  8. “Sadness Disease” by Urban Cone
  9. “In / Out” (Baardsen Remix) by Dan Croll
  10. “Girl Is a Queen” by Splash
  11. “Loveless City” by Automatic City
  12. “Left Hand Free” (Lido Remix) by alt-J
  13. “Real” by Years & Years
  14. “Teenagers” (Radio Edit) by Desmond and the Tutus
  15.  “Glory Days” by 1955
  16. “Where Does This Disco?” by YACHT

Written by theewhitetiger