A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…aka July…theewhitetiger was in Colorado with AcquaMan & SkypeLag (before he left the country for a 6 month trip to the desert)!!! And for the first time since starting the Music & Mutants endeavor, we were all able to be in the same physical space together!! Needless to say, the results were magical!

We talk about a few new (fake) sponsors, post-apocalyptic farming, non-musical musicals (while singing The Sound of Music), and how we would try to take over the world (like Pinky & The Brain). Also, with our playlist this time around, we had fun picking themes that our song choices revolved around, check it out below:

Thanks for listening…We hope you laughed a lot, because we definitely did! And since it’s Monday, this totally counts for Music Monday too right?

BeTeeDubs…if this is your first time listening to one of our podcasts, make sure to check out our other episodes here

Written by theewhitetiger