Aloha from the desert…this week on Music Monday, we have a great playlist for you! Hopefully there’s a little bit of something for everyone…enjoy!

  1. “Good Times Roll” (feat. GRiZ) – Big Gigantic … free download available here!
  2. “Luxury” – Jon Bellion, Audra Mae … not only is he vocally talented, but he can direct his own music videos too!
  3. “Holding On” – Tourist, Josef Salvat, Niia … lots of cootie sharing in the music video
  4. “More Than A Miracle” – MNEK … 20yr olds are getting more and more talented, it’s not fair!
  5. “We’re Far Enough From Heaven Now We Can Freak Out” – Deep Cotton … listen to a few more of their songs here
  6. “Idea Of Happiness” – Van She … I have absolutely ZERO idea where the music video ideas came from, still worth the watch though!
  7. “I Won’t Let You Down” – OK Go … no one makes better music videos. Period.
  8. “Trying To Reach You” – Nurses … a grainy, poor audio, live version of this song, almost feels like how it should be listen to
  9. “Out of the Blue” – Prides … if this music video was around during 1901-1904, Pablo Picasso would be proud.
  10. “I Want You” – Saint Raymond … SAND. EVERYWHERE.
  11. “Crown” – As Elephants Are … no I’m not sniffling, nor am I crying, it’s my allergies acting up!
  12. “Dark Bits” – The Mispers … don’t they just have a fun name to say?
  13. “Stay With Us” – Seoul … if I ever get to go to South Korea, I’ll have to listen to this song there.
  14. “Blackberry Picker” – The Tied … more of their music here!
  15. “Cough Cough” – Everything Everything … these guys don’t know how to make an un-epic music video
  16. “The Night Is Young” (feat. Cherub) – Big Gigantic … I wanna party with these guys down in Mexico!!!

Written by theewhitetiger