Welcome back to Music Monday! Week 4 will hopefully introduce you to some new music! Enjoi:

  1. “Violent Shiver” – Benjamin BookerFeel good grungy blues rock & roll!
  2. “Shortie” – Hannah Georgasliving that thug unicorn life – in honour of my Canadian friends (don’t forget to vote!)
  3. “TenTwentyTen” – Generationalsone of the most professional/high tech music videos of all time
  4. “Cocoon” – Catfish and the Bottlemen … I think I like the live version better!
  5. “Scott & Zelda” – Tiny VictoriesThe Sleepover Party
  6. “Renegades” – X Ambassadors … pretty amazing music video, highlighting some pretty amazing people!
  7. “Fool for Love” – Lord Huron … one of my more favorite things is, when there’s fighting set to soothing music.
  8. “Sedona” – Houndmouth … what a bunch of hipsters…I love it.
  9. “Garden Grays” – Wildcat! Wildcat! … make sure and check out more of their stuff here!
  10. “Worry” – Jack Garrattperformed brilliantly as a one-man-band!!!
  11. “Fortress” – Coleman Hell … the most creative lyrics video you’ll ever see – you cheeky lil bastard…
  12. “Forgiveness” – Made In Heights … please forgive the vertical video recording, he knows not what he’s done…
  13. “Stop Trippin’ (w/ iDA HAWK)” – GRiZ … buy or download music for free, the choice is yours!
  14. “Jump Hi” –  Lion Babe & Childish Gambino … turns out I have a new crush
  15. “Call Me” – St. Paul and The Broken Bones … if I’m being 1000% honest with you, I was NOT expecting that voice out of the person.
  16. “Dream” – CRO … don’t mind the creepy panda mask, just enjoy the show and dance!

Written by theewhitetiger