Ah…Music Monday…feels good to be back; if you’re unaware this is something I used to do every Monday (sometimes Tuesday Tunes was a thing too) on my own private tumblr before the evil entity (aka the RIAA), flagged me for copyright infringement and had my tumblr terminated. 5yrs of hard internet work…poof…gone into the ether.

Nonetheless, it’s time to revive the tradition with the lifeblood that is Spotify! Below you’ll find some thoughts on the songs that made it into Week 1 of theewhitetiger’s new Music Monday. And then, below that, you’ll find the Spotify playlist where they live! And then…no more and then…except for enjoying the playlist!

  1. “I Wish (My Taylor Swift)” – The Knocks … Ok fine, I’ll admit, I may or may not be a slight fan of Taylor Swift. Not enough to put one of her songs on here, but enough to put a song singing about her on here.
  2. “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” – CHVRCHES … the best Whitney Houston cover you’ll hear the rest of the year!
  3. “She’s Good For Business” – MSTRKRFT … 2006 was a good year, good enough to make you dance again in 2015
  4. “Top” – Hoonch … brand new, fresh off the presses! Definitely excited to hear more from these guys!
  5. “More Fun” – Body Language Remix … if you’ve never heard of The Hood Internet, come out from underneath that rock and take my hand and follow me to the promised land.
  6. “One For The Record Books” – Willy Joy Remix … I think I’ve been a fan of these guys since before they ever formed.
  7. “Our Finest China” – el_der Remix … songs 5-8 are all remixes of The Hood Internet mashups, you can check out the originals here. 
  8. “These Things Are Nice” – Jay Fay Remix … and if you’d like to download these Hood Internet masterpieces…you can get them FOR FREE HERE!
  9. “As Crazy As It Is” – Zhu, A-Trak, Kez Namdi … me likey the reggae influence in this very chillaxed track, if you don’t at least bob your head a little, you might be a tiny bit dead on the inside.
  10. “I Cut Like A Buffalo” – The Dead WeatherStephen Colbert had these guys on. I don’t feel like I need to say more, that’s extremely high praise already.
  11. “All Hands Against His Own” – The Black Keys … 2004, over 10yrs ago, doesn’t that sound crazy to say? And yes, I did put A Jack White band and The Black Keys back2back on purpose; FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
  12. “In The Middle” – JR JR … feel free to feel good and dance a little.
  13. “Don’t Tell Me” – JR JR … oh hey, look, another feel good song also by JR JR! Coincidence? I think not.
  14. “One Slowdance” – Rufio … ok, I know I keep talking about how long ago certain songs were released, but this one really does bring me WAY back. Like, almost too far back. In fact, I can’t even find anything relevant to link to!
  15. “Pretty Girls Everywhere” – Eugene Church & The Fellows … Ok, this is the last time I’ll say this, this brings me even further back! To 27yrs before I was even born! But I can’t help but jam out to 50s music, they were definitely doing something right back then!
  16. “Punkrocker” (feat. Iggy Pop) – Teddybears … one more classic to finish off Week 1 of Music Monday!

Let me know how you liked the 1st installment of Music Monday (or hated it)…if you wanna hear more of one genre and less of another, or more new stuff, or more old stuff, whatever comments you have…let me know!

-Kevin (aka theewhitetiger)


Written by theewhitetiger